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There are great benefits to volunteering and while it can be amazing for our kids when we get involved in their activities and they aren’t the only ones that benefit.

Some team coaches and team managers have stepped up despite not knowing much about the sport or some may have a busy schedule but because they know they’re needed to fill a spot they have loved the role but we understand there are also parents who just don’t feel comfortable taking on the role.

If that’s you, we get it but don’t let a lack of sports experience stop you from saying “yes” as opportunities to coach or manage a team presents itself. Kingsley Westside Football Club will offer support, information and materials to help. Depending on your child’s age you may find that you don’t need to know quite as much as you think and this is also true if you’re signing on as an assistant.

Following are 6 benefits in volunteering at Kingsley Westside:

  1. You will get to spend more time with your children – it is a wonderful way to keep a strong bond and connection with the kids!
  2. You will expand your social network (and we don’t mean just Facebook) – Let’s face it, it’s not always easy for busy adults to make new friends but getting involved in our kids’ teams can be an introduction to like-minded families who value physical activity and sometimes life-long bonds are forged.
  3. You will develop new skills – Being a coach, team manager or other position in the club forces us to learn more about the sport. We gain a whole new appreciation for soccer and end up loving the experience. Again, support is provided by the club. Plus it shows your kids that you’re willing to get out of your comfort zone which is a really powerful thing for a parent to role model.
  4. You’ll learn and re-learn life lessons – Many volunteers, including team coaches have said that while they know the importance of instilling positive values in their players they themselves learn a lot of life lessons along the way.
  5. You’ll come away with a sense of pride and achievement – Often we are “exhilarated” by the joy on a player’s face when they reach a goal they didn’t necessarily believe was possible.
  6. You have fun! – The number one reason kids play a sport is because it’s fun and honestly so is coaching, managing a team or simply being on the committee. You’ll also get to run around and play and that is truly fun at any age.

We hope these examples help you understand the benefits us parents get from volunteering at Kingsley Westside Football Club. We always need volunteers and hope you find time to devote to a team whether as a coach, assistant coach or team manager as they are always needed. Parents can also participate in a variety of roles that require less of a time commitment such as helping in the canteen. We also need volunteers to be on the committee; our committee needs additional people to bridge the gap forming in the younger age groups. The opportunities to help are endless and sincerely appreciated.

Next time you have the chance to take on the role of coach or any other position in your child’s sport don’t shy away. You may find that the benefits for you are just as rewarding as they are for your children.

For more information on positions on the committee, teams or assistance in general, please contact the club’s Junior Secretary.